Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three Twins plus Juli

Jessica and I have recently started a career as brand ambassadors here in the North Bay. Its nothing really too official but Jessica has the nack of convincing people to hire us without even meeting us. So far we have wiggled our way into the all natural fruity tooty market selling overpriced products to hippy dippy whole foodsers {i know, i make up words like nobodys business}. Anywho, I think our dream job is to work for the Petaluma based company Three Twins. They make deeeelicious organic ice cream that melts in your mouth, which oddly enough ice cream naturally does. {p.s. try the lemon cookie!}. So if any one of the Three Twins out there are J Project fans please hire us, we will try not too eat the profit margin.

Oh, and by the by they sell Three Twins as Costco now! {only vanilla} Marcella arent you so excited?!?

So dear readers, if you run into us at Whole Foods or Olivers, please say "hi" it will help the day fly!


Anonymous said...

that cool Julie i will look for you two are you two going to be @ CTM

Becky said...

Yummy...we love three twins! I think it's awesome that you guys do that...sounds fun!