Friday, September 16, 2011

Juicy Juli

Uh huh, I know you were looking for some juicy girly girl gossip or some big explosive news! {as a no kid couple everyone assumes your about to say your preggers when you make an announcement like that} Nope, I just wanted to announce that we officially grew a watermelon. Woot Woot! Please welcome little miss "so sweet and juicy"
This summer we decided to be brave and grow some melon. Last year it failed brutally when my infant cantelope plant was murdered my the hubster and some round-up. tsk tsk tsk. The tough part about growing a watermelon is to know when to pick it. It doesn't get soft, there is no scent, no little hint of readyness. The hubster and I finally decided it was time to pick. And wallah! It was delicious!

Even Lola Bear couldn't you see the juicy drip of sweet goodness?!?


Jes said...

I've never grown a watermelon, but I always give mine the thump test when I'm picking one out at the store. If it sounds hollow, it's a keeper. I've also heard that when the spot that touches the ground tuns yellow instead of white it's ready. Your yummy looking watermelon makes me want to try growing one myself!

Becky said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! That must have been such a great feeling of accomplishment to pick and eat it! I tried melon a couple years ago and they got to be about the size of a soft ball then just died :( I was so sad about it I don't know if I will ever try again. Maybe in paradise :)

Anonymous said...

sorry i dont grow food i just eat it
mmmm look good

Anonymous said...

Oh you so got me with the title "juicy news"! Nicely done. The watermelon does look awesome though! I bet even I would like it, and I don't like watermelon, but things home grown seem to taste different then shipped, flown, and freighted food. Congrats! -Krissy