Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomato Jessica

If anyone likes to can or freeze tomatoes, then next year you must sign up for the CSA boxes from Foggy River Farms. Not only do I get the veggie box which has been filled with things such as squash, peppers, onions, cucumbers and herbs, but you also get flats of bruised or cut tomatoes and times when you can pick your own tomatoes - all you can pick.

The farm is located at the end of a long dirt road. When we get to the beginning of the road, I've been letting the kids unbuckle their seatbelts and lean out the window, or sit next to me on the console which they find quite exciting. This week they started bickering about who was going to sit where and who was a millimeter closer to me and I got quite snappy and told them that if they were going to ruin my vegetable picking up day I was going to be very upset. (Imagine that yelled at a loud decibel).

Well, it worked and they stopped bickering and let me (and I must give quite a bit of the credit to Anya, she is quite the tomato picker) pick tomatoes for about an hour which resulted in quite a yield. Needless to say, we've been enjoying tomato feast meals and, thanks to many of your suggestions, I've been roasting and sauce making in preparation for the freezer.

Do I have enough so I won't be buying canned tomatoes this year? Not sure, but I've got quite a stockpile.


Becky said...

Whaaaaaaaaat?!!! You are amazing, there is a ton of tom products there! Good for you that you wont have to eat store bought can tomato! Silly question but: do you get to go pick and keep for free, or is there a price?

Jessica said...

Becky: not a silly question! So the ones that are "u-pick tomatoes" are the cherry and the smallish plum tomatoes and the first week there was a limit to how much you could pick (one small basket each I think) and then the next two weeks there was no limit. No extra charge! Oh and no charge for the flats of bruised tomatoes either!