Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Juli

Hey peeps! I know, I know, I have been a tad absent lately. My excuse...hmmm....ok, guilty as charged. I don't know why but I guess I have felt that my life has been some what eventless. I am doubting my creative ability and leaving you all in the lurch. Sorry. Well I do have something special to share with you today....


Time has flown by and October 9th we found ourselves officially in our 7th year of marital bliss.

Here's a picture diary of what we did on our special day

Lola LOVES getting in the car. We decided her measure of excitement  doesn't vary if we  are going to the mailbox or to the moon. Equally excited. 

Jeffrey's Hillside,  believe it or not has jumped past our previous fav (Hanks Creekside) into our #1 breakfast joint. You MUST go there!

My leftover Beehive {hairdo from a wedding the night before} really made me feel classy in my stretchy pants. Yes I wore stretchy pants. Whats better than having a fun day in comfy clothes.?!

Hubsters Chicken Fried Steak
My Vegetable Hash {with pesto, tapenade, and a poached egg}
Next we stumbled upon an antique fair on our way to the Marin farmers market. This awesome chair had just been recovered in this funky print and it was callin, "take me home!!!" but $700 just wasn't in my pocket that day.

Bakelight Lady
Cutest measuring spoons known to mankind.

Next we took a nice scenic ride to Point Reyes Lighthouse
Come to find out dogs aren't allowed so we scuttled there and scuttled back up the 300 steps in a jiffy
{the steps are numbered, I noticed when I was hunched over gasping for air}
Love this fella...Muuuaaaah!

This picture was in remembrance of the hubsters late Grandma

Grandma Fox
Lola loves the beach, and despite the fact there are miles of sandy beach to explore, she wants to sit on you, literally

The hubster thought my 'Runtone' shoes were called 'Runt One.' Although fitting, not accurate. I am not a runt. 

Still me in comfy clothes

Lola trying to get a banana peel I hid from her. Smartest dog I own.

Finished the day off with some Thai...mmmmm....
In all the anniversaries so far, I have to say that I LOOOVVVEEEDDD this one! It was relaxing and fun. At the end of the day we asked what our favorite parts were, can you guess my pick and the hubsters? If you are correct I will think you are awesome, best giveaway ever. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. Was your fav. Part being with
Kitt. And did Kitt fav. Part was being with u.

Jes said...

Happy Anniversary! Year 7 is a special one. Enjoy it!

Jessica said...

Your part was breakfast, his dinner?
Lola is truly like having a 3 year old.

Justine said...

I was going to say breakfast for both of you!

Anonymous said...

i love reading your posts. you paint a good picture.....even if you didn't have actual pictures. although i don't know you guys, only in passing....i think that the point reyes/grandma fox picture was the highlight. mainly because i think that was a super cute idea!

smodi said...

Looks like fun!!! Can not believe 7 years have gone by. Wasn't it just yesterday? Was your fav the antic fair and Kit's breakfast?

smodi said...

I meant antique fair. Where is spell check when you need it?

Jessica said...

Congrats! There are a lot of us having the 7th year this year! You guys are adorable...It seems like just yesterday you two were dating! Where does the time GO!!!