Monday, October 24, 2011

Cooks Juli

On a cold winter day could you curl up in your fluffiest blanket next the fireplace and get immersed in a good novel while a cup of hot cocoa steams away at your fingertips? Well good for you, I am not one of those people. Oh don't get me wrong I could literally live in a fluffy blanket and thrive on a diet of hot cocoa {with marshmallows of course} but I don't like to read...Yes, I am confessing that although I have been forcing you to read what I have to say for almost two years I openly shiver when I see a rapid succession of words with no end in sight {panic is setting in}. Here's the truth, there is somehow a gap between the older kids in the Troup clan and the younger kids. The old half {muahahahaha} like to read big 'ol long books that have life lessons or something. The younger and obviously cooler younger ones {hehehehe} have absolutely no desire to read and would much rather stare at blank walls or read picture books created for a 5 year old. It's the truth, I won't deny it. Now here comes the point of the story....

Jessica kindly gave us all a written tutorial on how to make sushi hand rolls {see here}. I thought some pictures would spice it up a little. Here was my photo contribution to her post:

yams, eggplant, green beans, broccoli for tempure

julienned carrots and cucumber pre vinegar/sugar/chili sauce

Crab filling {Crab, mayo, green onions, salt & pepper, sesame oil, sriracha}

waaayyy too much tempura for two people, oh waahhh.

All the fixens

My poorly wrapped hand roll and my poorly behaved bulldog.

Funny story: Kit thought the tempura dipping sauce was miso silly! Yeah its really salty as a soup.

The hand rolls were really fun and easy to make and even funner to eat! With the combined forces of Jess and I, I know you can do it! And just so you know, I really like people who like to read, but for all you non readers...I am there for ya :)


Jessica said...

Thank you for the pics Juli. I actually wrote that sushi hand roll post after my surgery when I was all doped up on painkillers and I didn't have any pics on the laptop. I read back through that post a few days later and I was like - woah, that was confusing.

I feel so sad for my non-reading younger siblings. You're missing so many travels and adventures. {love you still}

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the help.. try it! It was such a page turner!!