Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sapporo Ichiban....by Jessica

One of my friends mentioned that she thought it was funny that all her hippy friends {by hippy I'm imagining she's meaning local, organic, vegetable eating NOT no deodorant or no pit shaving} gals still ate ramen noodles.

And she's right on point for this family. We eat instant ramen noodles around here a lot...and with much glee. Our favorite? Sapporo Ichiban, of course!

In fact, we had ramen noodles for dinner tonight. I like my ramen cooked for a specific amount of time {very briefly, otherwise the noodles get too soggy...agree?} and Zack claims that "if I don't start putting a halt to my quirks, they could get out of control." Who ME? He said "Don't think I didn't see you the other night, get up on your foot {the one you just had surgery on is what he is implying} and exchange your fork because you didn't like the size of the tines. And having a timetable for your ramen noodles is ridiculous."

I think not. I think if you're going to indulge in 480 calories and over 2000 milligrams of sodium you better have those noodles cooked just the way you like them.

And FYI I like forks like these:

And really dislike forks like these:


Juliana said...

Oh man....Zac would never survive in a concentration camp full of troup girls. First of all no other instant ramen is acceptable. Secondly who likes soggy noodles? Lastly I have total utensilware issues. Little fork, little spoon, knife at every meal, and I have certain chopsticks I like. Not too skinny or scratchy.

Jessica said...

haha this is funny...Coming from a family that ate ramen noodles everyday I can totally relate...my dad makes them amazing and adds all this stuff...mmm I can smell it!

Jes said...

I'm totally with you on the specific utensil thing. Certain food items require a certain size. Danny has learned to ask "big fork or little fork?"

Anonymous said...

now this is funny because dustin doesn't like forks with long tines either. i don't understand it and until this morning didn't even know that they were called tines! hahaha.....i guess i don't do a lot of reading:)