Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food & Wine Jessica

The Press Democrat had a little article about wineries that paired food with their wine tastings and when I read that Williamson Wines right down the street paired their wine tastings with small bites...for free!...I made Zack take me immediately.

Here's what we tasted (and more importantly what little bite was paired with it).

'Joy' Sauvignon Blanc - Irish cheddar topped with a spiced nut blend (coriander, cumin, almonds & hazelnuts)
'Frolic' Viognier - Curried Cashews
'Rapture' Pinot Noir - Irish Cheddar with Truffle Salt
'Clarissa' Vin Rouge - Kalamata Olive
'Tango' Malbec - Irish Cheddar with Spiced Mustard
'Seduce' Cabernet Sauvignon - Irish Cheddar with blue cheese, honey, pecan
'05 Merlot - Chocolate Brownie

It was such a fun tasting room and not all snooty. Nor did they seem to mind that I was far more interested in the bites than the wine. Call me if you go, I'll meet you for some Irish cheddar.

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