Friday, November 25, 2011

Couponing Girls

This morning my mom and I went to cvs and used some of our coupons. Yes, that's my new hobby, couponing. Here is what we got :

4 m&ms
two big DARK dove chocolate
4 little DARK dove chocolate
1 pack of floss
2 little bottles
1 mouthwash
4 pringles
make up
1 box of Kleenex
2 turbie twist
and 1 hair spray

And so ya,weird hobby for a 10 year old but hey its fun to do with mom:)
And we saved $30.00 which is so Awesome !!!


sue said...

Malia, you have joined the ranks of a thrify sister. Great idea. and what a savings. Great job. Love you, Grandma Susie

Anonymous said...

cool Justine i see a lot of the friends doing that

Rachel said...

Great job! That's a wondeful hobby!

Jessica said...

Nice work Malia!