Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bugged Out

Don't be shocked people. For the first time in my life I do not have the travel bug. Three kids apparently is the breaking point. Suddenly "stay-cations" sound much more appealing.

For a good cause though, (friend's wedding that couldn't be missed) I traveled from home here in No. California to Portland, Oregon. While not impossible, driving with an 11 week old 12 hours did not sound like an adventure I was willing to take on. So we flew. Aahh, the beauty of flying out of town from an airport literally 3 miles from your house. Fortunately, I had a wonderful travel companion that pretty much did the "day shift" taking care of the baby.

There were some low points:
  • Passenger's medical emergency on the flight home (older woman passed out - really scary) and nearly needing to do an emergency landing - started descending then pilot changed his mind(?) and ascended again. Weird.
  • Friends coming down with the stomach flu AT the wedding.
  • Major rainstorm driving from Hood River to Portland (I HATE driving in the rain!) and missing the scenic route we planned on taking.
  • Antique Row AND most food trucks CLOSED on Mondays - the only whole day we had in Portland.

There were of course high points and here are some of them:

Meeting Auntie and Uncle for coffee. Like Ollie's "Hurley" vest? Who knew they came in such a little size?!

Can't beat a really good mocha!

Stumbling across an awesome handmade and specialty shop (art, jewelry, paper goods, handbags, scarfs etc). It was like Etsy come to life! It's called Tilde and you can shop online! We literally wanted EVERYTHING in the store. Yes, including the NFS mid-century piece you can see in the photo.

We just had to enter this crazy doughnut shop. Voodoo Doughnuts.

Ate this lovely. Yes. That's peanut butter, chocolate frosting and oreos on a glazed doughnut. No. Did not regret it.

Trip to Urban Outfitters. Love my new rug!

And last but not least this "Thrifty Sister" of course visited the local Goodwill. I wish I could post a picture of the lampshades I bought but they wouldn't fit on the airplane so they went home with Bro and Sis-in-law in their car. Hopefully to be brought here in the not so distant future! Meanwhile I'm on the hunt for some lamps to go with them. J's keep your eyes out for me!

Has anyone else visited Portland? What else did I miss?


Juliana said...

Love the rug! That thing has gone in and out of my online shopping cart many times. The Tilde store looks amazing!

Jessica said...

He's so cute! I think Mattix might be the same size as him! Love that vest! and that rug...and the pretty mocha..ahh!

Becky said...

I've heard such amazing things about that doughnut are so lucky you got to try it!