Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Juli

What is it like for a family of 20+ to get together for dinner? Here's a glimpse:
We decided to go with a salad bar themed dinner. I think the boys were hoping it would be like Fresh Choice were there was the option of pizza and soft serve ice cream. Ha ha, they are so funny.

Obviously 3lbs of bacon wasn't enough....
Uncle Russell, Aunt Marlene and our cousin Molly came bearing hundreds of family photos from our grandma's house. It was so much fun to discover memories our grandparents made years ago. Along with a few mysterious photos and postcards that will be left in the cold case file.
Grandma Hatsy {say: hot-see} and Papa Kiyo {key-o}
Just a couple goofy lookin kids
Two J's
Our Mom

To get the full effect of a Troup/Kawahata family dinner go put your self in a tiny closet and blast your ipod in your ears and stuff food down your face all the while giving yourself a big hug. Yep, its that good :)

PS - Thanks Justine for getting this together, it was a blast!


Rachel said...

wow! What a visual, the sounds, (ipod on full blast), the visual and the feeing of a hug. Sounds so foreign being from a single child family but loud and chaotic and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!

Jessica said...

Nothing better than a big family! I love it! I'll have to document the next phamily dinner!

Juliana said...

Jessica - I love how you call it Pham-ily dinner...cute :) At first I thought you were going ebonics on us.

Alakai's Place said...

Nice spread and nice family get together.

The black and white photo though...did "Grandpa" Hatsy have long hair?

Nice pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing, love seeing all the photos