Friday, December 30, 2011

Moriah's 30 before 30 guest Moriah Piper

Although I am well past the "30" mark, I'd like to join you in this years J Project. Here is my submission for '30 Before 30 Bucketlist' in no particular order of priority:

1. Learn how to make gumpaste flowers
2. Go on a Caribbean cruise
3. lose 55 lbs.
4. Learn how to use my Mom's sewing machine
5. Get a new mattress set
6. Get a facial
7. Make a gourmet meal for myself at least twice a month
8. Paint my front rooms
9. Take a cooking class
10. Get new "cruise wear" for my new size
11. mini make-over for my front yard
12. Mommy & Son trip with Logan
13. Replace my dining room light fixture
14. Eat sushi!
15. Begin and maintain an exercise program
16. Plan a trip to Italy/Greece for 2014
17. Find my inner-happiness and self-worth
18. Play with my kids more, really play!
19. Drink more water
20. Let go of the past
21. Have dinner at The Kitchen
22. Get a bike
23. Learn how to "coupon"
24. Get a cri-cut machine for fondant
25. Take my kids to the snow
26. Have a family portrait done
27. Take the kids camping
28. Lay in the sand on a tropical beach with a fruity drink in hand
29. Learn how to apply false eyelashes
30. Finalize my divorce
Moriah - Thank you for your list submission and we look forward to seeing your progression through your list! Will you please keep us up to date and email us pictures and stories for us all to enjoy?!? Thank you!!!


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing your list Moriah. Love it, especially #16 !!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing hope ll go well

Justine said...

Ahh. I love the sound of #28! I'll join you for that one!

Jes said...

This is my kind of list! I love all the adventures on it!