Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Jessica

Well, here's my list! Is it okay that it's still a work in progress and I may take some out and add some in? I guess it's my list to do as I please. goes:

1. Lose those pesky 15 pounds.

2. Use reusable totes when grocery shopping (every time!)

3. Take the kids to SF on the ferry and:

4. Go to the Fortune Cookie Factory.

5. Go on the cable cars.

6. Eat dim sum.

7. Walk across the bridge.

8. Train for a 5k, 10k, half-marathon.

9. Complete a 5k, 10k, half-marathon.

10. Take a creative writing class.

11. For a short time (1 week? 1 month?) eat only foods grown locally.

12. Cut back online time wasting (texting, FB, blogs, etc.) to a designated specific time frame

13. Stick to grocery / household budget (each and every month).

14. Plant vegetable(s) each season.

15. Replace carpet on stairs / upstairs.

16. Focus on positive thoughts & encouraging words.

17. Host a book club!

18. Volunteer in Anya’s classroom twice a month.

19. Learn how to bake a pie.

20. Go to the sample sale in SF!

21. Host a family dinner more frequently.

22. Take a dance, tennis or swim class (all things I'm horrible at)

23. See the Giant Sequoia’s (Zack’s wish)

24. Clean out, level and put walk path near vegetable garden on side yard.

25. Keep my purse clean and free of gum wrappers.

26.Ever see the "Eating on $1 A Day" Project? Gonna do it for a day. (Maybe 2 days?)

27. Break out of my clothing comfort zone (buy something not grey, black or brown)

28. Get family pictures taken.

29. Take Anya horseback riding.

30.Resolve kitchen countertop situation.


Jessica said...

I hear ya on the purse thing!!! I love that you plan so many fun things with your kiddo's!

Juliana said...

Great list! I am glad you didn't go too strict on yourself :)

Rachel said...

I kept wanting to click "like" as I read this. Well except for the completing all that running, and taking those swim, dance classes. I also am not good at those things and want to keep them far away from my expectations. Good job. you'll have fun!

Jessica said...

Rachel I "like" your comment :)

Moriahs Marvelous Cakes said...

Great list! Hosting a book club sounds fun. What's the "eat for a $1 a day" thing? Inquiring minds wanna know...

Jessica said...

Moriah, here's the link:
I can't find it, but somewhere is their day to day blog of what they ate on $1 a day. Maybe they took off all the posts so you have to buy the book?

Anonymous said...

what eat on a $1. hmm like to see how
u do that and cool list

Jes said...

When you're ready to make a pie, I have the best pie crust recipe, and it's super easy (as long as you have a food processor). And I also have lots of filling recipes. :) I'll make a pie post if you have a request.

Jessica said...

OOooh yes Jes, please share the pie crust recipe as well as a pie post. Hmmm, I'm not sure what kind of pie I want to make. Go

Cassie McNamara said...

I love that your shared your mental to-do list so we can all feel better with ours! I also have #8 & 9 on my list, #17 sounds great and I want to be a part of it,. # 19 is an easy one to get crossed off we should have a baking day and make apple and berry, baking with other women just feels that much more satisfying. & #22, there are some great salsa classes in santa rosa. It's so much fun!