Friday, December 23, 2011

A New Juli

2012. Wow...its almost 2012. Shouldn't we be flying around in hovercrafts and have custom wardrobe selectors by now? As the world moves onward with its hopes of technological advancements, us J's are reverting back to the basics. All we want is to have the cute necessities of life accompanied by really yummy food. Amazingly, 2012 marks our third year in the blogging world. It all started oh so innocently and has thrown us into a world of self expression that we can never turn around from. Will we forever be known as anything other than the "Thrifty Sisters"?! Will I ever be able to look at little Ollies shoes and not have flashbacks of peeking into Nate Berkus' wardrobe? I think not. What will 2012 bring for us? Some have suggested we do a year of complete self indulgance since we deprived ourselves of anything new in 2010. Oh beleive me the thought is oh so dreamy, but I am afraid we would be really fat and even would be embarrassed to know us. Therefore, we shall stay thrifty, and not as fat. I want to open it up to you though, what do you think should be the focus of the blog this year? We have conjured up some really good ideas... and yes they may even involve some of you. But here's your chance to critique, criticize, and suggest away.


Moriahs Marvelous Cakes said...

One idea: for every new item purchased you must match it with a "recycled" item. i. e. this week you need an ironing board do you run down to Target and purchase a new ironing board. Next week you need a new coffe table BUT you just bought a "new" item so this item must be "recycled" (2nd had refurbished, etc.)
Sorry for the typos it won't let me correct them :(

Anonymous said...

Jessica needs to post less about her kids, Juli less about her dog & Justine needs to post more period. How about my Goodwill Wars tv idea?
( the brother that never reads this blog)

Anonymous said...

i like the hovercrafts idea,
custom wardrobe selectors
hmm joel & Kitt can put one together for the three of you.

do the self indulgance thing
and no i would not be embarrassed to call you my friends.


Lindsay said...

Living in Canada....I watch Extreme Couponing with envy because we have regulations here that limit the savings power of coupons. I think it would be cool if you use something to do with coupons....maybe with every purchase you make in 2012 there has to be at least one coupon used? Even if you don't need the item....then you could gather a stockpile to donate to a food bank or homeless shelter once a month. Think of all the free stuff you could accumulate to donate to charity if you got really good at couponing!!!! I will be watching this thread though, because my project is almost over too....maybe I will have to use one of your reject ideas for my focus next year ;)

Jessica Boudreau said...

No matter what you girls write about I seem to enjoy reading it! You all have quite a talent!
I like the idea of a couponing theme, I wish I knew how to make better use of coupons and now that I'm not working as much I could really benefit from the savings, especially with all those expensive baby items (diapers, food etc) I also really liked the idea from Jessica's last post of dinner ideas, maybe a big recipe exchange, each themed like fancy, big crowd feeders, a few easy for quick weeknight and maybe another with how to add veggies to our diet for all of us who don't eat enough! I think you could come up with a lot of ideas and you have so many readers who have such good ideas too! Whatever you come up with I will keep enjoying! Thanks and keep it up!