Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dinner Jessica

I'm sure everyone struggles with the "what am I going to make for dinner?" question. I would love it if someone handed me over a healthy, easy to make, not too terribly expensive meal plan every once in a while for those week's when inspiration is just not there.

Tonight's dinner is still undecided but it will be something that can work with Roasted Romenesco Cauliflower as we got this beauty from Foggy River Farms and it's just too interesting and beautiful to not eat immediately.

Foggy River Farms had a late harvest of these romanesco cauliflowers, brussel sprouts and lettuce and invited all the CSA members to come get some. We also got to take home another little sugar pumpkin to add to the squash pile. Did you know that these squash will keep for several months? We've got butternut squash soup, Thai pumpkin curry and pumpkin pie on the menu in the next few weeks.


Juliana said...

That cauliflower is so beautiful!! And those pumkins are just so cute as they are!

Anonymous said...

I think a weekly menu swap would be a great idea! I think we all tend to make the same things over and over....what if u did a post where everyone posted their favorite go to easy healthy meal and then we could refer to it?
Nina Stiles

Jessica said...

great idea Nina! I'll put together a post :)