Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 Sentences...by Jessica

1. Bleach is so stinky to clean with, but nothing does the job better than it.

2. Staying off the computer is hard.

3. I've exercised for two full weeks and I should be skinny by now, yes?

4. The new puppy across the street has Anya so twitterpated.

5. I'm happy to have a washer and dryer at home. Laundromats are the pits.

6. I need a new mattress.

7. Dinner tonight is pasta with sauteed veggies and hot Italian sausage.

8. Is brass silverware a pain to wash?

9. It's so cold outside our pool was frozen over this morning.

10. Big John's Market has chicken legs on sale for $1.09/lb.


Justine said...

2 sentences.
1. You are a weirdo.
2. Thanks for the chicken news flash.

Jessica said...

i'm always available for a chicken news flash. and some weirdness. :)

Rachel said...

Perfect. Exactly How I think. Random sentences.

Alakai's Place said...

Uh...bring those chicken prices here to Hawall please!

If can...

Mahalo plenty...! XD