Monday, January 16, 2012

Danielle's guest Danielle McKenzie

I don’t turn 30 until 2015 so I got a little ambitious.

1. Become fluent in Spanish

2. Take a dance class with the mister

3. Cook a decent steak

4. Toilet train my cats

5. Work part time

6. Run a mile without stopping

7. Get ombré hair

8. Finish my living room

9. Stay out of debt

10. Spend more time with the nieces

11. Treat my aunt to a spa day

12. Give talks without having panic attacks

13. Take a gondola ride in Italy

14. Bring back the blog

15. Find the perfect pad thai

16 Quit biting my nails

17. Bake a pie

18. Host a progressive dinner party

19. Do a trash your wedding dress photoshoot

20. Spend a day in Berkeley

21. Eat less fast food and more real food

22. Send more thank you cards

23. Throw someone a surprise party

24. Take a road trip to Canada

25. Sing Total Eclipse of the Heart at karaoke

26. Get better at tennis

27. Buy a bike

28. Declutter our house

29. See Weezer live again

30. Feel like a grown-up


Anonymous said...

lol.....2015 really? #4 & 25 i would like to be present when they happen! what do you mean bring back the blog? like bringing sexy back;)

Ruthie said...

I've never heard of # 19 before, but I love photography, so I'm very curious!!! What does it involve? Also I have wished I could do # 25 since I was a little girl, but I know that will only ever happen in my dreams!!! I hope you totally rock it when you get up there! Awesome list.

Jessica said...

I love your list! When you potty train those cats I want to see it!
and yes do bring back your blog, I check every now and then, it was a good read!

Jessica said...

You need to cancel out #30. Who wants to feel like a grown-up?? Yuck!