Saturday, January 14, 2012

#15 Check! Juli

15. Buy a vintage typewriter

Back in 2011 {yah know...14 days ago} I shared with you all what I would like to accomplish in the coming year. You all have been so encouraging and helpful with my list right off the bat with suggestions and participation. Here is what one anonymous reader had to say to #15:
"Weird, I just bought a vintage typewriter at an estate sale. I might be willing to part with it only because it wasn't the aqua color I was looking for :)it's just plain creamy white but it's still awesome! plus the person I share space with said "why did you buy that? what are you gonna do with it? where are you gonna put it?" haha yep the exact questions I was expecting when he saw it in the trunk."
Was I interested?!? YES!! But who was this mysterious woman with a beautiful typewriter looking for a cozy new home? Will I have to travel to New York to find her? Is she a Russian spy that has to use aliases and secret codes to converse with others?! No, actually it was my sister-in-law Delia. She is a cutie with an acute sense of vintage retro style and a girl after my heart. Only after spending almost the whole day with her did I unravel the truth of our anonymous reader and score the typewriter of a lifetime. It's funny how my brother's words{aka the person she shares space with}ended up being similar words that the person I share space with {hubster} uttered. Yes, I know we don't really need a typewriter... but in the case of a power outage and I need to write a very cute love note I will be set. That's all that matters. Thanks Delia!!

2 down 28 to go 


Anonymous said...

Your welcome! I wish I were a Russian spy! haha I'm sure it's in a much better space at your house. I expect to see some pretty cute stuff poppin out of that thing :) and thanks for keeping your eye out for my turquoise/aquaish typewriter. I was too late for that free one on Craigslist she said it went quick.
Delia/AKA anonymous :)

Justine said...

you are so lucky!!!!!....malia