Friday, January 13, 2012

My Brain is Jessica

I'm struggling with #12 on my list: Cut back online time wasting (texting, FB, blogs, etc.) to a designated specific time frame.
Not only have I NOT given myself a designated specific time frame, bu
t I think I'm exceeding time spent before I even thought I should have a designated specific time frame.

I came across an an article {online, of course. Oh the irony.} that says that "Chinese experts have scanned the brains of 17 young internet addicts and found that their addiction is changing the way their brains function. The teams
discoveries suggest that the brains of the addicted appeared to show the same changes to the brain's "white matter" — the connecting web of the brain — as that found in those addicted to alcohol, cocaine and cannabis."

That doesn't sound good. So I'm making some changes TODAY.
#1 - Specified time period is half hour per day of fluffy time. Fluffy time = blog reading, eBay perusing, craigslist stalking, Facebook.

#2 - Work time at computer is limited time. No exceptions.
#3 - Specified time needs to be done when kids are in bed or not awake in the morning. {Ian was asking me something the other day and Anya said 'she can't hear you, she is involved in technology right now' so the time to break up with the computer for my kids is NOW}
{{I sad and pathetic, right??}}

Please people, share with me any restrictions you've had to inflict upon yourself regarding this kind of thing..or am I the only one?

p.s. Anya REALLY said that. Her words exactly!


Moheni said...

You're not the only one. There was even a demo at the last pioneer session of a bro who distracted himself from his hour set aside to study by surfing the net. Now that's indelibly burned in my brain & I work hard to not touch the internet until after I'm done with work or study...I fail often though!! So I give myself 10 mins to peek at this blog, or something else frivolous. Anya's funny! Love your kids!

Unknown said...

I've never been very successful at restricting specifically my social tech time to a window but I have noticed that when I make other things (bridesmaid duties, preparing for possible job layoff, planning baby shower) a higher priority txts/email/fb naturally become less time consuming.

One concrete thing that helped was turning off all the alerts to my phone and e-mail. I only check my social accounts sporadically. Checking work e-mail only 8-to-5 has also had a positive affect on my sanity.

Amanda B. said...

Yup, this has been an issue for me as well! And I have had to set up some boundaries. I will make myself go out somewhere -- beach, gym, the city, or just doing something else that preoccupies my time, no internet allowed (sometimes no internet is available). I also will just completely shut down my computer and turn off my phone, and focus on something around the house.

My other goal is to actually work on some of the DIY projects and recipes that I have "pinned" on Pinterest. (I mean, really, I have so many, it's about time I stopped pinning, and start sewing!)

As for surfing on the net while at work...well our IT dept monitors internet usage, and if there is an issue, your supervisor is notified. So that in itself helps me to keep things to a minimum :)

Jessica said...

I have no advice for you because I have a serious need to cut back on time wasted on the internet! pinterest, blogs, email, online window shopping...
if I think of anything good let me know...but i like yours waiting till the kids go to bed. I think that is a good idea for me too!