Friday, January 6, 2012

33 Things I should have done 33 years ago...guest Sue Troup

 This is our mom's list. It is amazing, funny and totally awesome. You can do it mom!

  1. swim weekly not weakly
  2. train for a 5K and 10K
  3. run/walk a 5K and 10K
  4. make a pie with Jessica
  5. more hiking with Andy
  6. help Justine with a clothes swap so I can purge
  7. make a shade with Juli
  8. zumba class with Wendy
  9. go to a book club
  10. have a very special grandchildren party(not possible 33 yeas ago)
  11. do the entire P90X
  12. take better care of my return visits
  13. make a photo album from our Alaska trip (when was that?)
  14. make a Roman shade
  15. finish a beading project
  16. lower cholesterol
  17. lower blood sugar
  18. vegan diet for 6 weeks
  19. make our emergency kit
  20. learn a new hula
  21. teach Andy "a little grass shack" to be performed this summer
  22. do not go to every Macy's clearance sale. I actually stayed away from one today.
  23. go to THE Ethiopian restaurant in Berkeley 
  24. be a consistent floss er 
  25. make my own tofu
  26. do not watch dumb TV shows
  27. go on a romantic dinner date
  28. request more time off
  29. have grand kids overnight more
  30. organize house not read organization books
  31. Auxiliary pioneer in March if the requirements are like last year
  32. no ice cream for 6 weeks( this is the toughest)
  33. learn to relax. if I can find the time


Seth said...
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Justine said...

Love #22 and I wish I has written the same stipulation for #31!

Thank you mom for playing along with us! Can't wait for all the fun times we're all going to have.

Anonymous said...

great list sue like 28 the best
looking for word to seeing your post


Juliana said...

Looking forward to #7 and kit has been dying to do # 23

Jessica said...

this is a great list mom! #1, 22 & 30 made me laugh. have you started #32 yet? that is a tough one! have juli make you frozen coconut, it can pass as ice cream with no cream!

Anonymous said...

I love your list Sue!!

Jessica said...

OMG! I must have been signed in as seth when I posted the first comment about your mom being so gorgeous! You guys probably think my husband is a tad sleezy now! That was me, Jessie, NOT seth who said your mom and you girls are gorgeous, I mean I'm sure he agrees but that just looks so awkward!!! LOL! I'm embarrassed now!!!

Juliana said...

Jessica G - I did think that was kinda weird, then I thought, awe thats sweet he is taking in interest in what you like to do. Then with the gorgeous comment {thank you by the way} I assumed it was you :) Oh, it did lead me to his single post blog, which is funny ;) Let him know he has one more follower now!

Jessica said...

yeah that and the comment talking about how much ice cream was consumed and having 3 tubs of ice cream...haha so didn't sound like something a husband would say...He was laughing that he got another follower...who knows maybe one day he will have more followers lol!

Sue said...

No ice cream for over a week now.
vegetarian diet also, but not totally vegan