Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jessica Boudreau's guest Jessica Boudreau

Hey J's 
Well I himmed and hawed over whether to actually send my list in, but so many have joined it seems fun. Maybe it will help me actually follow thru

Let me begin by thanking you all for the entertaining lists so far! You all have such great ideas and goals, I did steal a few ideas. My birthday is in April but I'm giving myself all of this year to get these done. Wish we lived closer so we could join you for your 5K but sounds like you should have great support!
So here goes my list:
1. Have a baby - Baby due March 22nd
2. Master breastfeeding
3. Aux pioneer at least once!
4. Mail ALL thank you's for baby gifts -just found a stack of written Thanks you's from my wedding NEVER MAILED UGH!
5. Create a cute birth announcement for all our California friends and family
6. Actually mail birth announcements
7. Create a cute and comfy nursery for our new little one!
8. Keep my house cleaner or at least picked up more often then not!
9. Have a monthly date night with husband, even if it just means having someone watch the baby and just staying home!
10. Watch my 4 year old nephew at least once or twice a month
11. Get ALL my magazines read or at least listened too!
12. Add 5 new regular dinner ideas that my husband actually likes - open to ideas, Eric is picky no peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives :)
13. Add more veggies to our regular diet.
14. Keep in touch better with my friends that don't live close
15. Have a garage sale- actual or online to get rid of the two shelves in my garage full of stuff.
16. Plant a garden and actually use what I grow
17. Finish our "emergency go-bag"
18. Put things away when I'm done with them
19. Excercise more often
20. Learn how to "coupon"
21. Focus on being more positive and having a good attitude
22.Get Ebay business up and running so I can stay home and not have to get a "real" job again
23. Read the entire 2012 yearbook
24. Not buy things at garage sales or thrift stores that I don't actually need.
25. Try NOT to eat something sweet everyday
26. Lose at least 3/4 of my baby weight - won't know how much till after I gain all my baby weight :(
27. Create a weekly routine to study for all meetings and stick to it
28. Visit somewhere in Colorado we haven't been before! - SO many cool places to explore here
29. Get a pedicure
30. Make a dinner for company besides taco bar or ham dinner.

Thanks for letting us all participate, even those of us who have moved away!

Jessica Boudreau
Loveland, CO


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh Jess! I need to add like 3/4 of yours to my list!
At least #1 you have no choice, baby has to come out:) and breastfeeding you'll master it, just DON'T give up no matter how hard it is, and you never know it might not even be hard for you!
Mattix is almost 12 weeks old and I'm still not done mailing or putting together all his birth announcements! and I'm the worst at thank you cards!
Btw, what are you having? Names?
I'm so excited or you two!

Juliana said...

I am glad we had room for another Jessica to add to the blog! I can't believe you are soon to be a mama! Please keep us up to date and send us pics of the bebe {when he/she makes a grand entrance}. Miss you here in California but it sounds like you are doing good. Love ya!

Jessica Boudreau said...

@ Jessica G.- We are super excited, the one sonogram they did they think it's a boy! So hopefully they are right as we are having a shower this coming weekend. We really like the name Lucas/Lukas but have decided not to name him for sure till we see him! We are still struggling a bit with middle names we like Michael, or Nathan or Tyler. We both like Eli and Payton too! Everyone in the fam is calling him Lucas already though so if it fits I'm sure it'll stick!
@Juli- I will def send pics, thanks for letting us join your j project this year, should be fun to keep up with everyone! Luv ya and miss ya all too. My mom said she enjoyed visting with you yesterday!

Jessica said...

Love your list Jess! Though I have to say taco bar and ham dinner sound like good dinners to make when people come over! My kids have requested no more pot of chili when we have company. It's so easy...chips, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos on top and everyone is full!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica! I can't believe your due date is in March. I love your list too! I love #9, sometimes it's just nice to stay home and relax...

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at your shower! Wish I could be there! I am so excited for u! Love, hanna

Jessica said...

I wish you were here so we could see you all cute and prego! You should send us some pics! I love lukas with the K, that is so cute! and yeah for another baby boy, they are a blast!

Jessica Boudreau said...

Wish all my California girls could be there. This time has made me miss ya all EXTRA much! But touching base with you all even on this blog helps so thanks and love ya all! Be wishing you were all here on Saturday! I guess now I'll have another lure with the baby to get al you to come visit (or visit again)!

Justine said...

Love #4! You made me feel better about the stack I just found! from baby...not wedding :-)

I will be out to see Karen soon. Would love to meet your little one!