Friday, January 27, 2012

Chocoholic. Yeah, that's Justine

#7 "Lose 10 pounds" - 4 pounds down 6 more to go!

#1 "Make the perfect mocha" is kind of getting in the way of item #7! Why do my items have to be so contrary to one another!

I must preface this next bit with a quote from a precious little boy whom I love dearly but shall remain anonymous, who told me when I was 9 months pregnant, "You gotta layoff those cupcakes!"

Although I will still eat a Cost-Co chocolate muffin every once in a great while, I was mortified to find out that it is a whopping 690 calories. Considering I'm "allowed" 1200 calories I will definitely think twice before gobbling one down like I usually would!

These VitaTop muffins have become my 100 calorie alternatives.

Try tracking your daily exercise and calories on an app or website like "Lose It". You can even "friend" someone else who's using the app so that they can track your progress. Talk about accountability!

Here's a {link} to a yummy, inexpensive, easy and low-cal recipe I tried last night. Everyone liked it! Which, in my house, is a minor miracle.

Chicken with Rosemary Sauce (Cooking Light)

Anyone else have any get-fit tips or recipes to share?


Ruthie said...

Don't feel bad I will only be crossing off my first thing from my list this weekend as well. I think I have too many weekly and monthly things on it. So they won't get crossed off till Dec. Oh Well. I will email you a recipe later today. And I well give you a definite answer to what we were talking about this morning on Mon.

Jessica said...

I love that pic!
I need that app, i think im gaining weight instead of loosing the baby weight!
Siena poked my stomach after i had the baby and said "fat"!!! ha gotta love 3 year olds:)

Juliana said...

I am still in shock about that Costco muffin! crazy! Also let it be known that I am not allowed to calculate our calorie intake when going to PF Changs. Oh, we ate 2 servings each.....

Juliana said...
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Jessica said... wasn't my precious little boy, was it?

Bobby Thomas said...

yeah i have only done one two justine

hmm Chicken with Rosemary Sauce

Jessica said...

And good job on losing weight! You're lookin' good!!!

Annalee said...

10 pnds is all you have left! Good job mama, I started back at curves because I got 20 to go! Have found some good low cal ideas on biggest Not sure if the girls will love them out not though:)