Friday, January 27, 2012

One Justine

Okay so I'm off to a snail-paced start on my list. I haven't even eaten ONE Moustache cupcake! What's up with that?!

The only thing I can actually officially cross off is #23 "Find lamps for my Goodwill crazy lampshades". Two matching brass lamps $9.99 each at the Goodwill. Here's a pic:

What do you think cute or ugly? Should I spray the lamp or leave as is??


Ruthie said...

I love them!

Jessica said...

i lovvve the shade, the lamp stand(or whatever you call it) you hardly notice cause the shade is so pretty! depending on your color scheme in your house you could spray paint it or leave it....but what do i know my house has far TOO many colors!

Juliana said...

Honestly I think the brass matches your house pretty well. And those shades are pretty stinkin' adorable!

Anonymous said...

It looks really cool

Annalee said...

Those are so happy! I like brass and julies right, it matches your house but if you want a more eclectic feel I would spray them. More traditional feel, keep them as they are because they are cute:)