Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Diner Breakfast...by Jessica

The morning before the kids went back to school after their {eternally long} winter break, we went to breakfast at our favorite little diner in town, Flakey's.

We woke up and I said, "Surprise! Today we're going out to breakfast in our pajamas!!!" I thought they would think it was super fun and exciting. Nope! I heard a chorus of "Why!! Why do we have to go in our pajamas???!!!"

Is it just my kids or does everyone's kids just want to do the opposite of what you say just for opposite's sake?

So off they went to get dressed. He ran off and pulled on a pair of shorts {it was about 35 degrees outside} and she threw on a Hawaiian muu-muu dress OVER her pajamas.

Sometimes I just don't say anything and let it happen. We were the ragamuffin group thoroughly enjoying our pancakes, eggs and hash browns. And then I was the ragamuffin mom thoroughly enjoying the quiet the following morning when they were back in school!


Anonymous said...

cool Flakey's. is steel there
i have not been there in years
are they steel off of Healdsburg Ave

jbbode said...

Awe, good ol' Flakeys.

Annalee said...

We dont have a good breakfast place up here in the dale, gotta try flakeys once luxe will let us out of the house;)