Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jessica Anglen's list...guest Jessica Anglen

Hello fellow J's!

Thank you for the great idea!

I actually won't be turning 30 until 
 April of 2013
but I thought that making a list of things to do before
April of this year would make for an impossible list,
 or a horrendously boring one (i.e. wash my car; get a haircut)

        So, with 1 year and 4 months to achieve my list, here goes:

     1. Write 1 Thank You note a week. 
     2. Plant a vegetable garden.

     3. Visit a foreign country.

     4. Learn how to (really) use my camera.

     5. Have a lunch date with a friend at least once a

     6. Get to my wedding weight OR have a baby.

     7. Visit a National Park that I've never been to.

     8. Clean the "hoarder room" and make it into a useable space. 

     9. Give more gifts.

    10. Add 10 savory recipes to my Jeses Bestest recipe book.

    11. Learn how to use my fancy sewing machine. 
       (this one is for you, Gina)

    12. Re-initiate a monthly date day with Danny.

    13. Learn to make amazing homemade body butter or lotion.

    14. Do a spa day with friends.

    15. Entertain at least once a quarter.

    16. Take advantage of the classes at my gym.

17. Write more lists (just kidding)

    17. Learn how to attractively shorten sleeves.

    18. Get rid of all my sloppy clothes, so I am forced
        to dress cute even when I am cleaning the house.

    19. Eat a real dinner, at the table, without 
        distractions, at least 2 nights a week.

    20. Don't get into pjs and wash off my makeup as
        soon as I get home.

    21. Use my bike. (the one that has been living unused, under a super attractive tarp in my backyard)

    22. Read ALL my magazines!

    23. Take the dogs hiking more.

    24. Find a pair of perfect everyday earrings.

    25. Don's rationalize spending more because I'm
        working more. Either save, or work less.

    26. Go blackberry picking.

    27. Buy a new baking sheet. (the one I have is super
        old and warped, and I think I may have accidentally
        commandeered it from a gathering like 6 years ago)

    28. Use my sign language so I don't lose it.

    29. Go to the beach at least every other month.

30. Don't "save" my special things. Use and enjoy them!

I will try to document the documentable


Justine said...

I LOVE your list! Especially #6!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

You have lots of stuff on your list I should put on mine! I like #20, I have a tendency to do that as well!