Thursday, January 5, 2012 Jessica

So at this point in time, everyone who is going to be running the 5k with us in February should start training. Please do not be intimidated by the sound of the title 5k. It sounds longer than it really is. A 5k is 3.1 miles.

When you browse around for 5k training schedules there are a lot of specific instructions like: Jog 30 seconds, rest 10, jog 90 seconds, rest 10, jog 100 seconds, rest 10. And when I read the schedules my eyes crossed and my ADD kicked in and I couldn't focus on the words. Here's my deeply researched and physician approved training schedule and anyone is welcome to borrow it if they would like:

Jog til you can't breathe, rest til you can. Repeat until you've reached your destination and stop.

Here's my current 5k stats.

2.92 miles = 38 minutes. Average of 4.6 mph.

Who cares about that, right? Here's what we care about:
346 Calories burned which means...we get to eat a little more today, right?

Enjoy some running today.

And enjoy this pic of Zack showing Ian how to tie a tie. Cute, huh? And my little girl who enjoys working in the kitchen with me. {though she decided to make these popsicles which required big sticky pulpy cutting board messes and blender assistance RIGHT when I was making dinner. Patience was tested}


Becky said...

I love how you summed up the training schedule!

Juliana said...

Awwww, your kids are growing up. They look like little adults now! It was so funny on FB when you commented what you ran and that he 5k was going to be very long...I am curious, didi you have any idea how long a 5k was?

Jessica said...

Very cute post, I like how you wrote it, and your kids are getting so big! I can't ever imagine mine getting this big!

Jessica said...

Juli - I did know how long a 5k was, but for some reason I just felt like it was longer than what I was hearing. I don't know, I'm just a big doofus!
Jessica - we never thought our kids would be this big either! It goes by quick!

fingers. chopsticks and bobbins said...

haha....did you really talk to you doctor? another idea is: sprint 30 seconds, run/jog for 30 seconds for as long as you can. i mix it up sometimes with sprint for 1 minute, recover for 1.5-2 minutes as many times as i can through. if you want a good workout, try some sprinting! if you don't love it right away i promise you will:) and i agree with the eating more!

Jessica said...

Gina, no I didn't really talk to my doctor :) I've heard sprinting does great things for your body - quickly whips it into shape. But honestly I'm not anywhere near being able to sprint. Lightly jogging is difficult!

fingers. chopsticks and bobbins said...

i figured you were just being funny but i had to ask!

Annalee said...

Hey jessica, just heard about the 5K, sounds like fun. I just had luxe dec 17th so I'm not cleared for exercise yet but hopefully I will so I can join in on the fun! Do I need to sign up now?

Jessica said...

Analee, it's very casual so if you're able to make it- great! We will post more details when it's closer such as where to meet, etc. Hope you can make it! Jessica