Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jessica Gilly's List...guest Jessica Gilly

hello j's!

here is my bucket list for 2012! I was able to come up with 30 although i'm just 28 years young:)what a fun project you guys are doing this year, thanks for letting us all participate. I will give you guys updates along the way and post pictures of proof on my blog too @ 

ok here it goes:)

1. Go on more adventures with Jax and Mattix

2. Make healthier dinners that don't always involve cheese
3. Put things away when i'm done with them
4. Get up before the boys do to start my day
5. Clean out the garage and REALLY get rid of things that we   don't use
6. Finish and start the projects in my head
7. Finish the play room
8. Stop saving things for "just in case I might need it for something" reasons
9. Give a comment at each meeting, or at least raise my hand and attempt a comment
10. Have a grocery list EVERYTIME I go grocery shopping
11. Have a meal plan each week
12. Plant a small garden
13. Exercise to loose baby weight!
14. Finish the boys' baby books
15. Get up to date with our family snapfish books
16. Put pictures in the frames that are on the wall.
17. Sew a skirt from scratch
18. Re-fashion my pile of clothes hiding under my bed
19. Enjoy the small things
20. Remember that there is no task that can't wait when there is a request to "play with me mommy."
21. Try eyelash extensions...a ridiculous goal, but it looks so fun!
22. Plan a fun family outing once a month!
23. Blog more often than once a month.
24. Start a granny square crochet blanket!
25. Don't spend so much time on the internet looking at ideas, and actually use that time to do something productive.
26. Have the CO and his wife over for a meal.
27. Pay off our last credit card
28. Organize our master bedroom closets and dresser drawers
29. Learn how to use my bread machine & yogurt maker.
30. Participate in the J blog race.


Jessica said...

Love your list! A lot of your items I definitely should add to mine :)

Rachel said...

Great to "see" you Jesse! And your family picture is THE BEST!

Those are some really good things on your list! You'll get it done. ; )

Salina Littleton said...

I love #8!

Becky said...

Yogurt making sounds like a great idea!

Jessica said...

Thanks:) I feel like after seeing everyone elses goal lists I could easily add so many more to my list!

Justine said...

LOVE the family portrait!!! and your list too. Thanks for joining us:-)

charityc said...

hahaha, i have a very similar list of my own!