Sunday, January 15, 2012

Safeway Personalized Juli

You want what you need at a price you love, correct? Me too. Up until just a little while ago I was passing up deals every time I went grocery shopping at Safeway. Little did I know that the sale price wasn't necessarily the lowest amount to pay.  I know you have a Safeway card {or like me use your phone number for club deals} but let me introduce to a way to save even more without stashing a million coupons in your already over crammed and gum wrapper ridden purse {uh umm...Jessica}. Log onto and look at the personalized deals which basically give you discounted prices catered to you based on your past shopping purchases.  

Here's a screen shot of some of my personalized deals:

Also there is a coupon center where Safeway provides a variety of manufacturer coupons that will go directly to your Safeway account so there is no need to print them out. You can combine the personalized deal with the coupon if available. for example I had a personalized deal of pasta sauce for .99 and a coupon for .75 off. So I scored the sauce for .24!

Once you press"add" on the personalized deals and coupons you have created a shopping list that can be printed out or emailed to yourself and easily pulled up on a smart phone.

What happens at the register? All you have to do is swipe your card or plug in your phone number and the deals automatically process. It does take time and coordination but it is well worth it. Last shopping trip I got a dozen eggs for free! The poor hubster was sent to the store with a coupon in hand and a very specific list, but he happily reported that he was surprised how little the bill was at the end of his trip. Mission accomplished!


Anonymous said...

I know it's awesome! The first time I saved $80!!

Justine said...

Great post Juli!

Jessica said...

For the record, my purse is free of gum wrappers.