Friday, February 3, 2012

5% is Juli

Who of you all shop at Target? Uh huh, that’s what I thought, all of you! Now how many of you automatically save 5% on every single Target purchase? Up until the other day I was one of most of you who didn’t take advantage of a Target credit/debit card that saves you 5% every time you use it. Now I hear you grumbling, “oh man, what’s the catch?” or “I already have a stack of credit cards and I don’t want another” Believe me, I here ya. At my most recent shopping trip the very friendly cashier noticed my stack of coupons and cleverly said “I notice you like to save money, do you have a Target debit card? It saves you 5% today and every day after” Debit card?!? I rarely use my credit card so the thought of having a debit card that also saves me money at one of my favorite stores was like hitting a gold mine. It was simple enough to get the card and there was no setup/hidden fees {that I know of yet}. If you are thinking, eh 5% doesn’t seem like much it’s not worth the effort. Well if on an average you spend $100 a month at Target that is $60 a year you would save. That’s a date night with your hunny bunny or a nice pair of shoes or a lot of cupcakes at Mustache, you get the point.
Well that is my “thrifty sisters” tip of the day, take it or leave it. But I have taken it.


Jessica said...

what's the difference between debit and credit? Like you put money into a target account that it pulls out of? Or they send you a statement a credit card?

Juliana said...

The Target Debit card directly pulls money from your checking account. So its basically like using your bank debit card.

Jessica said...

I would have signed up today but I didn't have any checks!