Monday, February 6, 2012

Jillian's guest Jillian Bode

Take that goals!

1. Complete a mini triathlon (emphasis on mini).
2. Have every friend over in the new hall for hospitality.
3. Reupholster my living room chair.
4. Get married already!
5. Visit Bethel.
6. Snowboard down an intermediate slope without getting whiplash, bruises or a concussion.
7. Alter the numerous dresses, skirts and pants that have been waiting for years to be worn.
8. Take a swing class (it's the year 2000 all over again people, get with it).
9. Take a backpacking trip.
10. Regular pioneer.
11. Use a chainsaw.
12. Fix my face (me and acne have had it out for about 11 years now, we're so not cool).
13. Buy a bike helmet (it's been about 3 years since I got my bike back so ya, I think putting it on the 4.5 year plan is attainable).
14. Get a puppy.
15. Read at least 10 new books.
16. Get my tattoo removed.
17. Make a good ol' fashioned photo album made out of real paper.
18. Take a day trip to every city I drive by on my commute to San Francisco.
19. Set up a working filing system for bills and taxes that does not involve envelopes and vintage suitcases.
20. Make croissants from scratch.
21. Take my car to the beauty shop (girl needs a thorough wax, a new windshield and a cute, little antenna).
22. Start writing down my dreams every morning.
23. Convince my employers that San Francisco is not a good place to educate their soon to be middle and high school children, it's too expensive, city life is smelly and rude and Sonoma County is the perfect place to relocate.
24. Learn how to drive the boat, dock it and load it on and off the trailer.
25. See at least one national landmark (the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone...Disneyland).
26. Make my "Where's Ruca?" photo book (imagine Where's Waldo meets Garfield meets CatDog).
27. Host an amazing beach day (warm weather, sports, bbq and friends).
28. Organize my recipes.
29. Get Kelly Ripa arms.
30. Buy a Dewey Decimal. I need a Dewey Decimal. Bad.

{sidenote by Jessica. Confused by #30? Me too. Explanation photo below}


Anonymous said...

Holy list batman! You just skipped right to the heavy stuff didn't you? That's really cool. May Jah bless your theocratic endeavors...and the fun ones too ;)

Anonymous said...

You've never been to Disneyland?!?!!!!! If that's true then that's got to end this year for sure :) let's do it!