Friday, February 10, 2012

5k, dunt dunt Juli

The day has come. I have a list of all the people who have said they are going to do the 5k, so although you may have thought I forgot...I didn't :) I just wanted to remind YOU that I am prepared to see your little tooshies runnin/walking/crawling every inch of the 3.1 mile course.

Heres the deets:

Sunday February 12th 7:00 am
Windsor Town Green 
Starting point will be approximately across from Cafe Noto's

Please review the map and make sure your fancy neon extra short running shorts are clean cuz' the whiteness of your mid-winter legs are gonna wake us up! {please don't}

If you have any questions or problems text me or a J or email @ 

Don't be scared or shy or nervous, I am going to run like a girl and I know 90% of you are too. Lets cross off running a race together!!!


Anonymous said...

funny about the list. my sad tush will be there huffing and puffing as I crawl my miles away! Glad for the map. Do you need a dude at one of the water/snack spots cause my hubster will drive me there in support but will not run/walk or crawl with us. Yay!

Juliana said...

Hey ms. Anonymous... I think we will just have the one station where we have someone but he can totally hang out with her. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you...whoever you are :)

Autumn said...

I'll Come too it's so early though ugh! It's me autumn ;)