Sunday, February 12, 2012

#9 Run A Juli

Phew, we did it! The J Project officially hosted a 5k race on Sunday at 7:00 am that had a great turnout with 19 runners. It was really cold and super foggy, which meant we were pretty wet too. All of us kicked some serious butt on the run, check out our times!

Kit - 25:05
Joel - 26:32
Juli - 30:02
Kristel - 31:44
Miriam - 32:10
Ben - 32:49
Cassie - 36:19
Rena - 36:19
Mom - 37:35
Trevor - 37:25
Tony - 38:00
Rachael - 40:25
Lee - 40:25
Moheni - 40:45
Malia - 40:45
Justine - 40:50
Ruthie - 40:55
Joe - 42:05
Robyn - 52:27

Thank you all for showing up on such a dreary Sunday, this wouldn't have been successful without you! Also thank you Salina for all your help at the start/finish line. I know a lot of you had a race as a goal on your list and I hope you happily scratched it off like me. Now what's next a 10k? Gulp....

Isn't our mom the cutest thing ever?!?

Check out Joe's step by step experience at {it's a good laugh, sorry Joe}
Thanks for the pics Trev :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Juli! I was NOT thanking you at 5:30 that morning though when my eyes opened & my first thought was I can't do this!(I'd spent the previous day teaching an 11 yr old to cook from scratch then hosted a dinner from our creations that evening, then he spent the night) But your words of how you remember our names & we need to get our sad tooshies there motivated me to peel myself out of bed :-o By the end of the race I was super grateful that you organized the 5K. I had a blast, feel great, & now can't wait til I can start training to actually RUN the whole thing! It was fun having Malia not let me pass her during the race! She's a cool kid :) And your pincushion trophy's were ADORABLE! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

good job & run great times ever one