Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In One Ear...by Juli

Unlike my early wild teenage years I am so disconnected to music. I can easily ride in my car or be at home in complete silence. Maybe its all the different voices in my head that keep me busy {just kidding I don't hear voices, yes you do. No, I don't! Ok fine be that way...} I know the exact moment when I let music drift from me. After years of building a very personalized collection of, at the time CD's, I had them all stolen out of my baby, the VW Golf, circa 2002. When that happened, literally hundreds of dollars and millions of hours of some serious rocking out vanished. My friends kindly donated their leftovers and I got really good at listening to the radio. But every now and then I hear some songs that stick to my bones like overcooked oatmeal leftover from yesterday. Lately this is my favorite playlist:

1. Maxence Cyrin - Where is my Mind {Pixies remake} heard on the movie 'It's Kinda a Funny Story' & featured at Jill & Dustin's Wedding {Woot! Woot!}

2. Gotye - Somebody That I used to Know

3. The Mama's & The Pap's Featuring Mama Cass - Dream a Little Dream of Me

4. Junior Boys - Dull to Pause

5. Awolnation - Megalithic Symphony {this whole CD is my running music and when I hear it even in the house I move a little faster!}

6. Young the Giant - My Body, Cough Syrup

7. Fun. - We Are the Young {When I heard this during the Superbowl Chevy commercial it was love at first, hear? heard? hearding? ok... you know what I mean}

8. Black Keys - Brothers Album

This is what I love right now, how about you?! Suggest some of your fav's so we can be in love with a song together..yay!


Jessica said...

oh I love the pixies! Brings me back to the teen years too!
I love adele, she has a gorgeous voice...but I so don't know any bands these days, I'm probably worse than you! I usually just listen to screaming kids in the car!
How about blind pilot...they are great!

troupcoop said...

I loved their wedding song! Such a tear jerker! some others to add to the list: midnight city by m83, and young blood by the naked and the famous. I am so in love with these two songs! Hope you like them!

Ruthie said...

Ok Juli, this is probably yesterdays news, but I can't hear this song without strutting around my house. I found it thanks to a Heineken Beer commercial! It's: The Asteroids Galaxy tour - The Golden Age

BTW did you get my email the other day?

troupcoop said...

M83 "midnight city"and the naked and famous "young blood" definitely two of my favs right now. I do love that pixies piano version. Made such a great wedding song!

Annalee said...

Dont listen to as much music as I used to because like jess, car rides are very different with a toddler and a newborn! But I'm in love with iron and wine right now, rilo kiley is my go to chick music, M. Ward is my fav mellow music and he sings with zooey deschannel for a beautiful quirky blend in he and she