Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jennina Stiles List...guest Jennina Stiles

I love this project! I have already started number 11. I have no objections to eating animals I am only doing it because I feel SO much better when I don’t eat meat and it is going really well! I haven’t missed meat at all. I think the trick is when I am having a craving for an awesome burger then eat it, but go back to my vegetarian ways. I think I will call it Vegitarian-ish! What do you think? Bob has even gotten on the band wagon. He made the most delish vegetarian tostadas; they are our new favorite meal. And they only take 15 min to make, which is amazing!

I can’t wait to get started on the rest of my list…..

1. Not just “pin” but Do!
2. Do something I would never have thought of doing before. Ie. Beekeeping class or indoor rock climbing.
3. Finally plant a garden and have it live!
4. Finish decorating my bathroom.
5. Start decorating my bedroom.
6. Hang pictures in my living room.
7. Get in shape and find my healthy weight.
8. Take a dance class with Bob
9. Have one set date night a month.
10. Finish my Fruitages of the Spirit project for the girls.
11. Go mostly vegetarian.
12. Not multi task so much – Finish one thing before moving on to the next.
13. Organize my closet.
14. Stick to my study schedule 90% of the time.
15. Make a monthly family schedule so I feel more in control of my time.
16. Watch less TV and do more crafts.
17. Do more crafts with the girls.
18. Have one family date night a month.
19. Go away for the weekend with just Bob. 
20. Go somewhere tropical or at least start the plans for next year.
21. Go to the snow.
22. Increase my hours in service.
23. Do more for the elderly ones in our congregation.
24. Give Ava a party.
25. Spend more one on one time with the girls.
26. Send “snail mail” to my little brother and sister in Colorado.
27. Paint my kitchen cabinets.
28. Go out in service one Sunday a month.
29. Make “lighter than air” madeleines.
30. Take a cooking class.


Jessica said...

Love the list Nina! I especially feel a connection to "stick to my study schedule 90% of the time". Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Nice list! I feel the same way about #11 and vegetarianism... I eat a steak or burger when I REALLY crave it, and my body feels better that way. Also, I think #23 is really sweet :)