Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Hubsters List...guest The Hubster

The hubster so graciously contributed his list of goals this year. Lets just say it's gonna be a very interesting year...

Not run a 5k 
Gain 10lbs
Start a marathon
Not finish a marathon
Beat mario galaxy 2
Beat super mario bro
Beat zelda
Eat no veggies for a week
Go 3 days with out talking to anyone
Go a whole day without eating anything of nutritional value
Blow a whole paycheck with nothing to show for it
Go a month without doing laundry
Go 3 days without bathing
Go 2 days without brushing my teeth
Not call my mom
Create road kill
Eat more fried foods
Watch every televised football game
Get down to my white trash roots
Pretend I am micky mouse for the day
Stop shaving my belly button
Pluck my eyebrows with pliers
Find 8 more ridiculous things to do

Isn't he lovely?


Rachel said...

haha and I bet there's plenty of husbands (and secretly some wives) who'd love to join him. so funny!

Becky said...

This actually seems like a difficult list!

Anonymous said...

Beat mario galaxy 2
Beat super mario bro
Beat zelda
cool for what system


Jessica said...

I love it. Thanks for keeping it real Kit. I'm sure Zack is with you all the way with this one.

Ruthie said...

Hey Kit, great list! I'm sure by the end of the year you will feel like a new man, or at least a really old one. Look forward to seeing you in a little over a week Cuz. Maybe Joe can help you do something on your list as you guys will be helping me do one on mine!

Rachel hageman said...

This is awesome! But it looks like he wants to gain 101 lbs and it made me laugh so hard until I realized that it was 10! Lol I wish that could be a goal of mine!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Ridiculously funny stuff! I think it would work perfectly if you skipped the bathing and not brush your teeth on the same days you don't talk to anyone -just sayin', ya know? And I definitely think lotsa women wished they could have the courage to actually write as a goal to gain 10 lbs cause let's face it we're gonna if we keep eating Doritos & cupcakes with bacon ;) Thanks for the laugh! Wish you the best -hahaha