Sunday, March 11, 2012

Body Jessica

Juli and I have been boot camping for a couple of months now. I like that I can now do sit-ups without anyone holding my feet. And that when I told Zack this, he had to try and do 50 in a row like we had just done at boot camp and though he didn't like to show the struggle, I saw the struggle.


And since we all know that any time we hear the words: challenge, contest, project or prizes our ears perk up and we ARE IN.

So, of course we're joining the LiveFit Boot Camp 2012 Body Revolution which is a 9 week contest starting March 20th.

The prize is $1,000 (!)

You can find details about the contest HERE . Hope to hear if any of you join as well!!!


Anonymous said...

that is cool but as t told Trevor
im more of a side lines guy so i well
be thinking of you. as you do the LiveFit Boot Camp


Juliana said...

Wow what a shocking surprise to see my spelt biceps on the world wide web :) at least it wasnt my butt!