Saturday, March 10, 2012

This girl Jessica

I have a feeling we're going to go through many hair phases with this one. She's been asking "for years" (as she dramatically told me) to get her bangs cut and finally when I was giving her a trim the other day, I cut them for her. With the rule that the bangs cannot cause her to take forever brushing her hair in the morning, if they are sticking up funny - she's gonna need to put a clip in it and move on.

I have to admit, they look cute and I should have cut them for her years ago.



Anonymous said...

She looks super cute with swooped bangs!! These pictures are really cute!


Juliana said...

Oh my gosh, she looks adorable! It makes her look all grown up...which I am not sure I like! {all my nieces and nephews should stay little forever!!!}

Annalee said...

She looks so cute, I did capri's a couple months ago and it does make her look older but they frame both the girls sweet little faces! Good call anya!

Jessica said...

It's the camera. I hope Trin never asks for it back.

jboudreau said...

She looks super cute and grown up! I can't believe how big they have all gotten since we've been gone!

jbbode said...