Friday, April 27, 2012

$ Juli

This is what I got at CVS for literally $2.44! Many of you asked how it was done...I will try to explain.

First - you must have a CVS Card {it's free and easy} Extra bucks {EB}are CVS cash you can use for purchases at CVS

  • Hallmark cards - buy 3 get $3 EB. I also had a coupon for buy 3 get on free. I bought 3 .99 hallmark cards, got one free and got $3 EB back
  • Yes to Cucumber facial wipes - $5.99, on sale for $4.49, had a $1 coupon that was next to the product at CVS. total $3.49
  • Blink Eye Drops {Lola bear needs drops everyday} - $12.99, on sale for $8.99. Buy one get $8.99 EB. Also had a $1 off coupon {}
  • Eclipse Gum - $1.29, on sale for .99, had a buy one get one free coupon {}
Ok so here is how I got it down to $2.44 - {required 2 transactions}
  • 1. Bought the eye drops $8.99, used $7 EB I had previously earned, $1 coupon {}Paid $1.75 - got $8.99 EB
  • 2. Bought {4} .99 cards $3.96, used buy 3 get one free coupon {CVS coupon} Total - $2.97 / Yes to Cucumber wipes {25% off}$4.49 {$1.00 coupon - next to product} Total - $3.49 / 3 Eclipse gum packs $2.97 {Buy 1 get 1 coupon -} Total - $1.97
So I used the $8.99 EB I earned on the eye drops towards the 2nd transaction. Due to the fact the you have to pay CA tax with actually money not EB I had to buy the 3rd pack of gum and pay the .69 tax. If that wasn't the case the whole 2nd transaction would have been FREE!!!

Are you all thoroughly confused? It takes a little practice but if you like to save money, its totally worth it!!!


Jessica said...

How do you know how many CVS dollars you have? Do they tell you or does it print on your receipt?

Juliana said...

There is always a sign where the product is shelved and also in the weekly add to tell you how many extra bucks you will get. At the end of the transaction the EB prints out on the bottom of you receipt.

Lindsay said...

Wow...nice work!! There is so much to think about to save the most money...I think you are well on your way to rival those Extreme Couponers :)