Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still buying Jessica

I peruse modcloth periodically and put things in my shopping cart that I like.  This shirt for instance has been in my cart for ages.  I thought it would be cute paired with leggings and tall black boots.  But, alas with the $39.99 price tag it's been sitting in my cart and never going to be ordered.  

Lo and behold, yesterday at a thrift store I stumble across the same exact shirt.  It's missing the tie,  and I'm not especially fond of the one that I pictured it with, but I'm sure I'll find something that will work.

So with the $39.99 I could have spent at modcloth, I instead got THE SAME EXACT SHIRT, a Gap purple tee with a sequined pocket, a Free People grey jacket (if it's grey, has a zipper and a hood, it's coming home with me), and a pair of Ann Taylor black pants (exactly what I needed for work and in a size smaller than I usually wear which made me happy when I pulled them on and they fit perfectly!  Boot camp is making my butt smaller!).  And I actually only spent $25 on all that, so it was a pretty super exciting day at the thrift.  

Now I've also got this shirt saved in my modcloth shopping cart, and if I find it at the thrift it would definitely help me with #27 on my list: Break out of my clothing comfort zone (buy something not grey, black or brown).  So what's your clothing comfort zone?


Rachel said...

so yesterday I finally bought a cowhide for my floor. been looking and looking and found one at Joss and Main for $210 with shipping. still a lot but not when you look at what it originally was and what most of them are are decent quality . Of course If it was a good thrifter i'd probably found one ages ago for $25 but there's my guilt talking... I'm not a shopper. period even though I 'd like to be. I'm definitely a rambler though, blah blah blah....

Anyhoo the reason I mention this...It's GREY

and I love that because it's unusual and both the husband and I like it lots and lots. of course who knows what it 'll look like when it arrives....oops there I go again, ramble ramble.

so glad you found that shirt! Very exciting!

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Grey is a great color ;) and the natural colors too like beige, sand etc.

Jessica said...

Rachel, I just looked at the Joss & Main their stuff!!! Let me know how it looks when it arrives! Exciting. (did your mom tell you I met her last week?)
Mirjam, just can't get away from the natural colors. My closet is a sea of neutrals ha ha!