Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chomp Juli

Here's whats been cooking lately in these parts: { on the picture for a link to the recipe}

Its been tough on this eating healthy kick...but I gotta stick to it if I want to be a winner!!! Right?!?!?


Jessica said...

Were those chickpeas good?

Anonymous said...

I came home from a satisfying 8hrs in service & sat down with a baggie of fried 'channa' as we call it in Guyana. It's a salty garbanzo bean snack with hot pepper. My sister brought us some when she visited from NY a few days ago. My dad asked why I didn't just make my own rather than them having to keep sending it to us from Queens...after reading your blog I will put my dad at ease & make my own 'channa'. I'll bring some for you guys next time I'm in your area. The zucchini salad looks yummy!

Juliana said...

@Jessica, the chickpeas are AMAZING! Especially fresh out of the oven. @M, you will love these. I totally could sit and eat the whole batch...and probably get a bad stomach ache!

Jessica said...

i'm gonna make those tomorrow. cept i only have dried garbanzo beans. i'll soak them tonight.