Thursday, March 29, 2012 Jessica

I bought these boots. They're sitting in a box just waiting to be worn because I'm using them as a reward. I've heard that you should give yourself a reward if you lose weight. In the past, my rewards consisted of chocolate cake, sushi night, boxes of candy or bags of chips.

Kinda defeats the purpose don't you think?

Gonna try non-food rewards this go around and see how that goes.

{Is it okay for me to admit that I do have my sights on a chocolate cake reward after the Live Fit Bootcamp Contest?}



Becky said...

i love the non food reward idea. I always reward myself with delicious food too, then it usually ends up being a downward spiral/obsession for bad food and weight gain! C'mon, you can do it so you can get into those beautiful boots!!!

Jessica said...

Becky...exactly!! I'm trying to stop being so food obsessed. Thanks for the encouragement :)