Friday, April 13, 2012

Consignment Justine

When they said "Baby Consignment Event" I didn't know this is what they meant!

When I arrived for my volunteer shift at the consignment event yesterday morning I could not believe the amount of things people had brought to consign. Tables were piled high and the floor was covered with strollers, walkers, excersaucers etc.

Since I volunteered, I got to shop early and in peace. AAAAHHH. I didn't go overboard since I was sure there would be plenty left when most items got discounted to 50% off on Saturday. But when I brought the girls back at 6:00 at the consignor and friends shopping times it was a CRAZY! People were snatching up things left and right and while there was a ton of clothes left, there was absolutely no sign of some of the bigger items (ride-on toys, kitchens etc.) If I hadn't found some really nice shoes for Phoebe I probably wouldn't have stood in line hour+ line either.

Zara leather boots, PasApas French leather shoes, and of course Phoebe's got to have her Crocs

So far I've spent more at the consignment event than I've made. But isn't the point to get rid of your stuff and make just enough to buy more stuff? Yeah. That's what I thought Here's a couple of my favorite things.

Plan Toys wooden robot. How cute are the different heads? Paul Frank Flashcards

Now that's a cute onesie!

Don't forget about my favorite girls at the Pink Ginger Designs hair accessories table!

The event is on thru Sunday. I know from experience you can still find great deals all the way til the end especially clothes and shoes.

Anyone else thrift something recently you want to tell us about?


Anona said...

I love the picture of the baby! He was so cute!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the stuff thst they had a Wednesday's Child Designs. They were so cute. I LOVED their colors.

Got to say I was so impressed at how organized the sale was. I was afraid I would be in line for hours but they really kept things moving pretty well

Annalee said...

I did really good, basically got all the summer clothes I needed for capri glass bottles, boon grass drying rack, keyboard, baby toys, a sling, a ride on toy for luxe and only spent alittle over $100. Thanks for the ticket justine!