Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Running....by Jessica

Well, I've been trying to run more. I have yet to experience the elusive and much anticipated runners high I hear so much about BUT I am going longer distances and going faster.

Some things that help me:

I used to say: "when I make it to the fire hydrant, then I can stop" I now say: "when I make it to the fire hydrant, then I can see how I feel and maybe go further." And I usually do.

Wearing a hood over my earbuds makes them stay in place better so I don't have to fuss with them as much. It also creates kind of a muffled bubble so I stay in the zone.

I also have learned to ignore all wavers and stopped feeling like I need to smile and say hello to everyone who passes me. So if I don't wave back to you, say hello or look mean, it's because I'm struggling to continue to breathe.

One piece of advice someone gave me that I appreciate is to look ahead which will open up your airways to breathe better. I have a tendency to look at the ground so this advice really helped me out.

I used to think to myself: "I can't believe I still have that far to go. I think I'm going to die." I now think: "You are already half-way done. This feels far less worse than (childbirth, bootcamp, the flu) so keep going."

I felt pretty proud of myself for running 5 miles, but the first clue of having done something wrong was when I was SO thirsty I considered drinking from someone's hose (or asking the guy who sits outside of the Indian place texting all day if I could have a drink of water). The full problem didn't surface until about an hour after I stopped running and I realized I was dehydrated and felt pretty ill for about an hour. I will drink more water if I'm going a long way.

It really really has helped me tremendously to let go of the idea that I had to be running the recommended way (like run 30 seconds, walk 1 minute, etc). To just run until I'm tired and not have to plan it out was a huge revelation for me. To cover the screen on the treadmill and not look at the time ticking or the calories counting or how far I've gone is hugely liberating for me. For other people that works, but I've learned it's the opposite for me.

I'm still not a "runner", and I'm struggling with mile 1 just as much as the first day I started running but I'm getting better. I appreciate any more advice any runners out there have for me.


Sue said...

what really helped my office manager is to only breath through her nose. She said that was a tremendous help. Your mouth doesn't get as dry and you don't need a much water on the run.

Jessica said...

I will try that. I do breathe through my mouth and sound like a dog panting in 110 degree weather.

Mirjam de Rijk said...

I am using Runkeeper - it tells me how far I have gone- somehow that keeps me going. I am not a runner either but am getting used to it, and like the outdoors part of it. Cannot run on a treadmill, i will fall off... Seriously, at first I do fine but then get somehow distracted and step a little bit outside the belt and there I go- LOL. Liked running the 5k in Windsor that morning.
Also running is sort of time by myself, together with being outside, I have come to appreciate it...
Still don't know how to run with a water bottle...

Jessica said...

Ha ha Mirjam, I know what you mean about the treadmill... I haven't fallen off yet, but one day I'm sure. Zack tells me I need to clip that little thing on my shirt so that if I do fall the belt will at least stop moving. I don't like to do it though. I'll have to check out Runkeeper.

jbbode said...

Try trail running! It's beautiful, fresh and you'll run 5 miles before you know it because you're distracted trying to dodge big rocks and holes! Congrats on your 5 miles Jes!