Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hash vs. Juli

Breakfast is pure luxury in this household. Usually Sunday's are the only day we really get to enjoy breakfast. All the other days it's yogurt in the car or instant oatmeal at work...blah! March was especially chaotic for the hubster and I so we decided to take a Saturday morning off and hit the last "side" breakfast joint we hadn't ventured to. You see, we have been going to Hanks Creekside for years, then came Jeffrey's Hillside that we soon fell in love with. But what about Dierk's Parkside? Yeah we were totally missing out. I kept on seeing Instagrams of parkside this, parkside that, and I couldn't handle it any longer.

Dierk's is just like the other two joints in the way that it is totally a hole in the wall that if you weren't looking for it you would drive by and blink and totally miss it. The wait was probably 15 minutes and the interior was very artsy funky and clean. Since I was starving we had previewed the menu and settled on the pull apart bread {they said they were better than donuts!} Sonoma Vegetable Hash and Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs for the hubs.  This was a perfect comparison meal because those meals are pretty much what we order at Hank's and Jeffrey's. 

Dierk's pull apart bread
So here's my review: Hash - It came with roasted veggies over hash browns with two eggs of your choice {poached} with pesto and goat cheese on top. The veggies were spinach, mushrooms, carrots, fennel and tomatoes. The menu description was vague on the veggies so it was sort of a surprise. I am not a huge fennel fan so that was  a little disappointing and the fennel was also tough and I got a piece that was like a branch. The poached eggs in my mind were undercooked. I don't mind runny yolk but when the white's are runny, barf.  The hash was good, no complaints there and the pesto and goat cheese on top was right on the money. In comparison to Jeffrey's it was smaller and the tiniest bit not as good. In comparison to Hank's it was a lot more unique and had the added bonus of eggs that aren't standard on Hank's "Linda's potatoes". Here's Kits review of his meal: The steak was smaller than both Hank's and Jeffrey's but the gravy was really good. Our overall assessment of the three restaurants comparing apples to apples here's how we rate based on taste:

1. Jeffrey's
2. Hanks
3. Dierk's

1. Jeffrey's
2. Dierk's
3. Hanks

As for atmosphere/cleanlyness/wait time:
1. Dierk's - Quick, mostly clean
2. Jeffrey's - Cleanest, slower wait time...although we did go on a sunday
3. Hank's - Very slow and very dirty

Now if only there would be another "side" up here in Windsor...


Becky said...

3 amazing places!!! It's so fun to have a good breakfast place. In my opinion, Hank's is still my favorite though. Yes, it is pretty dirty, but I love Linda's potatoes and their corned beef hash is sooooo good! But, I have things I love at all 3 of those places!

Danielle said...

Neal and I just decided that we like Jeffrey's the best too!

Anonymous said...

How about Howard's in occidental? Neil and I love that place. We like it better than any of the other places. Let's go!