Monday, April 9, 2012 Jessica

Let's talk sunscreen.

Once, years ago we were standing in line at Great America and it was cold, foggy, overcast and misty and my mom asked to all of us: "Who needs sunscreen?" and we all laughed and teased her about it because there was no sun to be seen.

Well, she was right - you still need sunscreen even on cloudy days. (though I do have to say that I do think that going outside NOT sunscreened is okay as well and in small doses where you're not going to get burned or overexposed a little normal skin soaking up the sun is okay. I'm just paranoid about my face because of my melasma situation.)

Maybe I wouldn't have gotten splotchy melasma if I had heeded that advice and worn more sunscreen. I now wear sunscreen on my face EVERY day. I always put it on in the morning, and an extra application in the afternoon if I'm outside and it's super sunny.

It took me a while to find a sunscreen I liked though - all the "lotion" sunscreens were way too oily, clogged my pores and had that telltale sunscreen smell.

I've now found the sunscreen of my dreams:

The Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder is amazing. It goes on like mineral powder makeup, it's tinted nicely so it doesn't leave you looking pasty and there's no smell! I love it.

Please tell me if you've found a sunscreen you like!


Becky said...

Thanks for the tip!

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Thanks! I use Bare Minerals powder, that also has a sunscreen in it.
Since my skin is very sensitive, I always use a day creme for my face and they usually have a sunscreen in them. Right now I like the Devita products a lot.

Justine said...

My favorite sunscreens right now for my face is Philosophy's Shelter and Hope in a Jar with spf. Honestly, except for the difference in spf, I can't tell the difference. They both come in oil-free and I believe have antioxidants and vitamin A. I spent a while pricing anti-aging cream and sunscreen and thought this was a good compromise. Its seems a little pricey at first but I think your sort of getting two in one. Its the perfect under makeup moisturizer.