Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trader Joe's...by Jessica


I kind of have a Love/Hate relationship with Trader Joe's.

-The orange chicken (I mean, come on..who doesn't?)
-The panda/monkey/whale they hide so my kids are entertained.
-The cheese case (good prices, don't you think?)
-The nori seaweed snacks (Thrifty Tip - Asia Mart sells them as well and they are way cheaper).

-The produce that's wrapped in all that plastic. And doesn't it seem like TJ's produce goes bad super quick?
-The sushi ('nuff said).
-The checkers that are seemingly required by their managers to ask you "So what did you do this weekend?" or "Got any exciting vacations planned?" or "What do you have planned for the rest of this sunny/rainy/foggy day?" (come on...do you REALLY care that I'm heading to Costco after to buy toilet paper and then I've got an exciting afternoon of laundry folding planned?)

I do find it interesting that they use suppliers who are well known, but use their own packaging. I stumbled across a blog that listed a few of the Trader Joe's brands uncovered. I'm sure there are a lot more that could be added to the list and am not sure if the list is 100% accurate, but you can check out the blog post HERE to read more.

Trader Joe’s Branded ProductSupplier Branded Product
Trader Joe’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate ChipsCallebaut Chocolate
TJ’s White Baking ChipsGuittard Baking Chips
Trader Joe’s Vienna Style LagerGordon Biersch Marzen
Trader Joe’s Vintage AleUnibroue
Trader Joe’s Mission St. Pale AleFirestone Walker
Trader Joe’s Mission St.IPAFirestone Walker
Trader Jose BeerTecate Brewery
Trader Jo’es Bottled WaterPoland Springs
Trader Joe’s Sprouted Wheat BreadAlvarado Street Bakery
Trader Joe’s Newton’s Folly CiderWoodchuck Cider
Trader Joe’s Granny SmithWoodchuck Cider
Trader Joe’s Goddess DressingAnnie’s Naturals
Trader Joe’s Organic Ranch DressingEarth Island Products
Trader Joe San’s SoyakiSoy Vay’s Veri Veri Teriyaki
Trader Joe’s European style YogurtStrauss Family Creamery
Trader Joe’s Indian foodTasty Bite
Trader Joe’s Shells and CheeseAnnie’s Homegrown
Trader Joe’s Frozen Spinach pizzaAmy’s Kitchen
Trader Joe’s Pizza DoughIl Fornaio
Trader Joe’s Pita ChipsStacy’s Pita Chips
Trader Joe’s Pure Butter ShortbreadWalker’s Shortbread
TJ’s Veggie Sticks Potato SnacksGood Health Natural Foods Veggie Stix
Added to list (thanks for the info Angelina!)
TJ's Organic Chicken Broth Pacific Natural Foods
Another addition (thanks Carly!)
TJ's Organic Milk Clover


Jessica said...

We still have not tried the orange chicken! and yes! their produce goes bad sooo fast! esp. the bag of mixed salad greens!

Mirjam de Rijk said...

I understood it's different everywhere depending on which part of the country the TJ is. Looks like the list you have is for TJ's in our area.
However, I also noticed that sometimes these companies make something just for TJ. Example: the tortillas come from Tortilla factory. While the corn tortillas from TJ have just corn meal, the ones Tortilla factory sells have also wheat in them.
There was a very interesting article about TJ bout their corporate structure to. The company is owned by a German family, who also owns the Aldi -> a chain of stores my family shops at in Netherlands ;)

Jessica said...

Jessica - don't try the orange chicken, or you'll crave it...and all it is is deep fried naughtiness!

Mirjam - Interesting! I do feel there is a European influence in a lot of the products they offer.

Anonymous said...

One more for you...In Napa the Trader Joes Organic milk is Clover brand.

Juliana said...

Oh man i agree with your love hate relationship with TJ's. HATE all the packaging and detest that they are rotten by the time you get home. I LOVE all the snacks!