Monday, April 30, 2012

YOU are invited! Jessica

What's my favorite thing ever????  You guessed it!  My veggie box! I can't wait for the CSA to start back up again. Here's a graph that shows what was in the veggie box last year.

Who knew I loved tatsoi and kohlrabi??

I was so excited to recently receive an invitation to a pre-CSA Open Farm Party from my friends Lynda and Emmett at Foggy River Farms.  I ran into them today and they would love to invite all of YOU as well!  It's this Sunday between 11:00am - 2:00pm.  My family and I will be there at 11:00am (definitely there in time to catch the 11:30am farm tour) so hopefully we will see you there!

Just comment below if you plan on attending and I will forward your RSVP on to them so they can plan on how many pizzas to make.

Emmett & Lynda at Foggy River Farms

Invitation from Foggy River Farms: 
Warm weather has finally arrived, and while we don't yet have a start date for the CSA -- the late rains pushed back our planting schedule -- we'd love to invite all of you over for an early open farm party!

What:  Foggy River pre-CSA Open Farm Party
When:  Sunday, May 6, 11:00am - 2:00pm
Why:  Because we miss seeing all of you!
Who:  Current members, past members, the CSA-curious, family, and friends. 
Where:  Down at the field, of course!  (8291 Eastside Road...see directions below)

A few more questions you might have...

What should you bring?
If you are able, please bring a "finger-food" potluck item to share. It's a pot-luck, but don't stay away if you're unable to bring anything. (Why finger food, you ask?  Our dishwasher is down for the count and we're too busy planting this time of year to do dozens of extra dishes by hand, so this request comes courtesy of dishwasher Lynda and dish dryer/put-away-er-in-chief Emmett.)

Will you be bored?  What will we be doing?  
It's not quite time for our annual farm-o-lympics, but there will be some activities for everyone to enjoy.  We'll be showing off our latest baby goats, our new mobile chicken coop, and our new greenhouse.  The farm tours will start at 11:30 and 1:00.  Oh, and it wouldn't be a Foggy River Farm party without pizza... we don't have all the fabulous fresh ingredients that we'll have over the summer, but we'll make some simple pizzas with Costeaux pizza dough (our latest discovery in the world of pizza making.)

So, when will we start getting those CSA veggies, anyway?
We did our best to get planting early, but the late March/April rainstorms kept the ground soggy a little longer than usual.  It's looking like the start week will be late May this year, but we'll let you know as soon as we have firm start date.  (The kale, chard, and fava beans are looking lovely by the way... and there will be plenty of green garlic to go around too!)

Is there still time to sign up for the CSA?
Yes, it's not too late. Just fill out our new online member form on our website to start the process. (And of course you're welcome at the party whether you're signing up for this season or not!)

Directions to Foggy River Farm (8291 Eastside Road):

From Healdsburg or Windsor, head south on Eastside Road.
From the intersection of Eastside Rd. and Windsor River Rd., continue about 2 miles south on Eastside.
At 8291 Eastside Rd, on the right-hand side, you will see a sign "Hopkins River Ranch" and "Foggy River Farm."
Turn off and continue down the central gravel road between grape vines.
(Please drive slowly to avoid dust.)
Continue about 1/2 mile until the road ends at our barn and picnic area. 
Parking will be on the right of the road before you reach the picnic area.

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