Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love it or Hate Juli

#21 - Watch Gone With the Wind

Friday night I hosted a vegan/gluten free/sugar free dinner party {people on cleanses and diets in attendance} with an in house viewing of one of my favorite movies, Gone With the Wind. After the 4 hour movie was over it became obvious to me that there are two types of people, people who love Gone With the Wind and people who hate it. I have come across this predicament before with "older" movies. I think the problem is that when you aren't exposed to certain movies as a child they seem ridiculous to you as an adult. For example, I had never seen Goonies or Labyrinth as a child. The hubster introduced me to those movies right after we got married and I couldn't figure out why people loved those movies.  I then realized that adults that loved those movies watched them over and over again as little kids. You know, when you sat too close to the TV with your mouth wide open and your head cocked back in a mesmerized stare? They have special memories connected with those movies that just can't be made as an adult.

When I was little a lot of movies that we {me, Neil, Mikey & Trin} watched were boy movies...aka Star Wars, Rocketeer, Indiana Jones, etc. Don't get me wrong I love those movies. But whenever I was sick and home alone with my Mom I got to watch old movies from the 30's & 40's on the couch bundled in a blankie while Mom made me chicken noodle soup. She would rent me Gone With the Wind and I could watch the first half, take a long nap and finish the second half after. Therefore I think I have made a more emotional connection to the circumstances of when I watched the movie than the movie itself.

I was so happy to watch this classic one more time and really looking forward to getting super sick so I can watch it again :)

Oh by the way....I made a reeaaalllyy good {gluten free vegan cookie} recipe:


Ruthie said...

Juli, that sounds just like my sick days as a kid. Only it was The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady. I did like Gone With the Wind also, but we didn't own that one. Either that or Bob Barker one the Price is Right...Come on Dddooowwwnnn!!!

jbbode said...

I LOVE the movie! Dustin on the other one of the haters.

Becky said...

I've never read or watched Gone With the Wind, so thanks for reminding me that I NEED to do that! I'm catching up on SO MANY things I "missed" as a kid!

Annalee said...

We did gone with the wind too but more often it was anne of green gables, nap, soup, then anne of avenlee (sp?) Or the old pride and prejudice with lawrence olivier!