Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh man I wish I had those....by Jessica

Anya has her own little style - she likes to get dressed all girly with her hair pulled up and in a dress and some kind of strange leggings or tights combination, and then she'll run outside like a little banshee and fling her leg over the tree trunk and climb up it like a tree monkey.  Lady-like and girly yet tomboyish all rolled into one.  

She made me laugh at her annual school multi-cultural dance.  She almost couldn't get through the dance because she couldn't stop glancing over at her friend's shoes.  You can tell why, right?  High heels. Oh man, she wanted them for herself bad.  


Emily Frame said...

The babysitter scenario is the biggest buzz kill. We booked my mom 2 months in advance to be sure! Good luck!

Rachel said...

love how you captured it perfectly!!! absolutely perfectly! yes, shoes 'to die for'

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Thanks for sharing, that's just too funny and yet so understandable -> from someone who loves shoes, I can totally identify with her. Her shoes are cute too but yet still ;)

Perfect pict btw;)

Anonymous said...

Great pic Jess! That brought back memories of my first pair of 'heels'(it was barely off the ground!)Fun times, fond memories! Now when are you getting Anya her first heels? Love it!