Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boys are in the lead! Justine

Poor Joel has been outnumbered for so long.  We remedied that last week when we added a couple more "boys" to the family!

Meet Pepper and S'mores!

Phoebe's face says it all
I know all of you who know us and our anti-pet ways are wondering HOW this happened!  Pretty simple, Malia has wanted, wants and will always want a dog of her own and since the walking, poop cleanup, vet and grooming thing just ain't happening, we found an alternative.  Goats don't need as much of that kind of attention AND EAT WEEDS so that pretty much clinched it. 

Pepper is on loan from the farm where we bought S'mores until another baby goat is weaned and can come home with us.  We can't wait to see the new kids and pick one out.  We're hoping for a really friendly one as S'mores has yet to warm up to us and a quiet one since Pepper cries when we don't give him attention.  I'm sure our grouchy neighbor loves that! muahahaha


Anonymous said...

Love it that you got goats! We felt the same way about pets: time, money, vet, clean-up -blegh!! we got 3 hens :-) We love our girls Ginger,Fat Butt & Curry(her fate is sealed when she quits laying)We get 3 eggs a day & hubby built them a chicken mansion from leftover job materials. Their clucking is so adorable & we feed them our food scraps then use their refuse as compost. It's great! Maybe your next goat can be female & you can milk her?...make goat cheese? Yummy!Congrats girls on your newest addition to the family! Girls look so happy in pics :)

Ruthie said...

They are so cute and so useful too. Your weed-eater will be so jealous!! The kids will have a blast! Can't wait to meet the new members of the family.

Jessica said...

oh lucky little girls! I want goats so bad!!!

Jessica said...

Today when I picked up my veggies they had a little goat baby out there that was only 3 days old. Really, really, really cute!!!

Becky said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh... I LOVE goats!!! How fun! :)

Anonymous said...

cool goats i would like to have them to goats milk is good to