Monday, June 25, 2012

A day in the life of Juli

Here are a few of our highlights of our day in Berkeley:

 O Chame - Japanese. Really really good! It was on the San Francisco Chronicles top 100 Bay Area Restaurants list so we figured we would give it a try. It was super yummy, but I think it was a little pricey for what you got.  
 I had remembered someone saying that there was a good fabric store in Berkeley so with a quick search I came up with Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics. AMAZING! Some of the fabrics were too adorable for my bulgy eyes. I almost collapsed right there in the aisle way. Oh wait, maybe that was because the fabric I liked was $23 a yard. Yeah, thats a little pricey. I did get a remnant piece of the bottom fabric pictured. Now what to do with it is the question. 
Marcella suggested we go to Gelateria Naia on our visit...and you are right Marcella it was so worth it! I got Pignolia (pine nut) and Earl Grey gelato and the hubs got a white mint chocolate chip. So bueno. 
The best part was the hubster came prepared with a book for those times when I would just "run into a store". This is a marriage saver. So ladies next time you want to throw some shopping into your day trip, be sure to pack your hubs favorite book.


Jessica said...

What a great idea. Kit is such a good sport though. Zack wouldn't go for it. Did you carry his book for him? That would be the only possible possible way but even then...chances are slim.

Jessica said...

yeah, Jessica I second chances are slim...maybe if there was a bar in the store?
Looks like you had a fun weekend juli!
I love berkely!

Jessica said...

lol yes Jessica, only if there was a bar would I have more of a chance :)

Becky said...

Sounds fun! What a great tip on bringing a book. You know how the Whole Foods in Coddingtown has the bar? My husband was saying a few months back how department stores and such should have a bar too, then more husbands would go shopping with us! I always keep a deck of cards in my purse. It's just weird when someone accidentally sees them at the kingdom hall. :/